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A professional business meeting in progress, with a senior woman presenting financial data on a large screen displaying colorful bar graphs, pie charts, and data points. She is pointing at the screen with a pen, addressing her points to a diverse group of three attentive colleagues seated around a conference table. They are reviewing printed materials and taking notes. The room has a modern office decor with a whiteboard, plants, and large windows allowing natural light to fill the space.

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The New Face of Inclusion Summit 2024

Sep 14, 2024 10:00 AM

Join us in Toronto, Canada, on September 14th for an unparalleled gathering at the forefront of transformative leadership. Under the guiding theme "Being Intentional About the Business of Inclusion," this summit is crafted for visionary leaders from burgeoning startups and established enterprises.

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Past Events

Inclusion | 10 Things NonProfits Need to Know

June 13, 2024 @ 3:00 PM EST

This online event is part of a complimentary series of talks and Q&A sessions featuring curated trainers from The Good Growth Company roster, each sharing 10 things nonprofit organizations and charities need to know about a given topic — from messaging to measuring impact. The series is designed for leaders and within nonprofits, charities and social impact organizations.

Poster with light green background. Title reads "Inclusive Leadership Webinar Series" with webinar name as a subtitle "How to Develop Self-Awareness for Inclusive Leadership". March 7, 2024, 1:00PM to 2:00PM EST. Speaker is Rose Genele, Founder of The New Face of Inclusion. Register call to action below and web address at the bottom of the poster

How to Develop Self-Awareness for Inclusive Leadership

March 7th @ 1:00PM EST

Ready to lead with greater empathy, inclusivity, and effectiveness? Join us for a FREE webinar designed to help leaders at all levels take their leadership to the next level.

Discover how self-awareness serves as the cornerstone of inclusive leadership, influencing everything from decision-making to team dynamics and culture. Learn practical strategies to recognize and overcome personal biases, and hone your emotional intelligence to create a truly supportive and collaborative work environment.