About Us

The New Face of Inclusion is a social enterprise that engages in research and advocacy, while providing resources and programming, to support both individuals and organizations embrace inclusion. In a world where emerging technologies and ideologies are reshaping every industry, our goal is to support the fair and ethical development of the future of work.

Meet Our Leadership

We operate a lean, highly skilled team, and leverage our partners for additional deep expertise.

Rose Genele

The New Face of Inclusion

Rose is a dynamic leader with a proven track record in operational optimization and strategic growth within social enterprise and tech sectors. She excels in guiding change management, organizational development, crafting strategies, and advising on leadership and resource development. Additionally, Rose is an artificial intelligence ethics and governance advocate. 

Rose is an International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) member and sits on the board of the Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy. Rose is also an alumnae of Toronto Metropolitan University, with a Bachelor of Commerce in Law and Business.

Our Partners